Myra Albu zu Gast in der Sektion Acht (29.10.2015)

Jour Fixe: International migration policies, Donnerstag, 29.10., 19:00, Café Winter, Alser Straße 30, 1090 Wien

People around the world flee from war, persecution or dire living circumstances. National and international regulations and governments can manage migration better and protect migrant’s human dignity and fundamental rights by providing assistance, information and legal counsel. We will discuss the topic of international migration policies with Myra Albu. She has professional experience as a lawyer in the U.S., where she worked on immigration and specifically on asylum cases. Currently, she works for the International Organization for Migration’s Regional Office for Eastern Europe South Eastern Europe and Central Asia here in Vienna. She is talking to us in her own capacity and not on behalf of her organisation.

Achtung: Jour fixe auf Englisch